Gajendra's Shopify Journey

How did I get started as a Shopify developer?

I was a product designer freelancer, since 2013 (Elance and Odesk). I discovered Shopify and began as a dropshipper like many.

In the process of building my store solely with the theme editor on a paid theme, I found myself in need of more customizations. This led me to venture into the Shopify community forum for basic code editing, sparking my curiosity even further.

It was my initial experience with coding (2017). Subsequently, I began accepting Shopify contracts as a data entry freelancer, involving tasks like adding products.

I became interested in development, learning HTML, CSS, and LIQUID to become a Shopify Developer. Instead of my own store, I focused on customizing clients' stores over Shopify.

I shifted my focus from product design to Shopify Development. And today, I possess five years of consistent work experience in the field of Shopify theme development.